Four Tips for Overcoming Anxiety in the Workplace

Posted on: 26 May 2015

Anxiety can make office life a struggle. Whether your anxiety is more social in nature, or caused by a little of everything, getting through the day when your heart won't stop pounding and your mind is racing can be difficult. You may even notice that your anxiety prevents you from focusing at work. Try some of these natural ways to stop anxiety in its tracks.

Practice mindful meditation

Practicing mindful meditation at home may have lasting effects throughout the day. Mindful meditation involves sitting in a quiet, comfortable place, and clearing your head. When thoughts start to trickle in, acknowledge them and then revert your attention back to the present moment. Focus on the five senses. What do you feel? What do you hear?

It may seem like meditation will only calm you down during the act of meditating, but that's not necessarily the case. Anxiety causes a build-up of unproductive thoughts that consume the mind, and mindfulness helps you banish those thoughts. Studies have shown that mindful meditation is a useful, natural way to keep the symptoms of anxiety under control.

Don't skip the extra cup of coffee

Good news, coffee drinkers! It's a common misconception that caffeine causes anxiety. The physiological effects can be similar—a racing heart and the jitters—but caffeine may actually improve mood and brain function. One study noted that those consuming moderate amounts of caffeine experienced fewer symptoms of anxiety and even depression.

Make your desk your happy place

Surround yourself with pictures of loved ones, vacation photos, odds and ends—whatever gives you a sense of calm. Vacation pictures are especially useful for stressful days when you need a moment to yourself. Glance over at that picture of your tropical cruise and momentarily allow yourself to be transported back. The short break may be just the thing to clear your head and keep anxiety at bay.

Write anxious thoughts down

You may not feel like stopping your workday to do some journaling, but even just jotting down a few sentences or keywords may help put things in perspective. Anxiety-driven thoughts aren't always realistic or rational. Writing those thoughts down can help you see the thoughts for what they are—the product of anxiety.

You may also want to consider keeping a journal at home to expand upon the notes you write throughout the day. Try and pinpoint what triggered your anxiety and how you felt. Making yourself aware of your triggers may help them lose some of their control.

Anxiety can be difficult to control. Next time you find yourself struggling, try the above tips. Counseling from a professional like Blue Spruce Counseling may also be a good option for you to talk out your anxieties with.


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