Lost A Loved One Who Was A Sports Fanatic? Here's How To Remember It At The Funeral

Posted on: 27 January 2015

Who says that a funeral has to be solemn? If your loved one had a special interest, such as being a sports fanatic, then it can be great to acknowledge this at the funeral service. Then, you can ensure that the funeral service is perfectly customized for your lost friend or family member, and you can lighten the mood a little bit for every who attends as well. These are a few ways that you can remember your loved one's sports addiction at the service.

Opt for Flowers in Your Loved One's Team Colors

If your loved one was a big fan of a specific team, consider requesting that flowers for the service be in the team's colors. You can let someone know at the funeral home; you can also pass the word along to any local florists that people might use to send flowers and plants to the service.

Choose the Right Pictures

Many funeral services include a slideshow of photographs of the loved one and his or her family members and friends. Although you will probably want to include a few other favorite family photographs, it can be fun to include pictures related to your loved one's interest in sports. For example, include pictures of him or her wearing hats, shirts, jerseys or other memorabilia for his or her favorite team, and include pictures that were taken at sporting events.

Consider a Unique Outfit

Your loved one doesn't have to be buried in a suit or a fancy dress. Instead, consider a unique outfit that shows off your friend or family member's interest in sports. For example, you can have him or her dressed in a favorite hat or T-shirt from his or her favorite team. Another option, if you don't want to be quite so obvious, is to choose a tie or dress in your loved one's favorite team's colors.

Add Small Touches Throughout the Ceremony

Add small touches throughout the ceremony. For example, pallbearers can wear ties in your loved one's favorite team's colors or can even wear a patterned tie from that team. You can also have logos and team colors used to accent the funeral program.

Your loved one enjoyed watching sports when he or she was alive, and it can be wonderful to signify this after death as a part of the funeral service. Give these tips a try to give your loved one's funeral services a special touch.


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